Ruby 8Mart2011Reading and Writing Configuration Files
Ruby 4February2011Reading Documentation for Installed Gems
Ruby 8Mart2011Reading Mail with POP3
Ruby 7Jule2011Rearranging Values Without Using Temporary Variables
Ruby 21June2011Redirecting Standard Input or Output
Ruby 1May2011Reversing an Array
Ruby 14June2011Sending Mail
Ruby 1June2011Setting Cookies and Other HTTP Response Headers
Ruby 17January2011Simulating Keyword Arguments
Ruby 23January2011Simulating Multiple Inheritance with Mixins
Ruby 3April2011Storing Hashed User Passwords in the Database
Ruby 27February2011Substituting XML Entities
Ruby 10February2011Taking Logarithms
Ruby 26Mart2011Terminating a Thread
Ruby 27May2011Transforming Plain Text to HTML
Ruby 25Mart2011Using a WSDL File to Make SOAP Calls Easier
Ruby 27February2011Writing a CGI Script
Ruby 10Jule2011Writing an Iterator Over a Data Structure
Ruby 27June2011Writing Unit Tests
Security 10June20112 Scan for SUID and SGID Programs
Security 8January201121 Check Servers for Applied Patches
Security 4April201131 Detect ARP Spoofing
Security 28June201139 MAC Filtering with Netfilter
Security 26May201141 Fool Remote Operating System Detection Software
Security 3Jule201144 Keep Server Clocks Synchronized
Security 5April201145 Create Your Own Certificate Authority
Security 23June201159 Aggregate Logs from Remote Sites
Security 7May201161 Monitor Availability
Security 20January201162 Graph Trends
Security 16June201165 Collect Statistics with Firewall Rules
Security 5May20117 Automate Cryptographic Signature Verification
Security 24June201172 Forward and Encrypt Traffic with SSH
Security 2Jule201177 Tunnel Connections Inside HTTP
Security 26April201179 Automatic vtund.conf Generator
Security 17June201181 Tunnel PPP
Security 14Jule201183 Keep Track of Alerts
Security 17Mart201187 Prevent and Contain Intrusions with Snort_inline
Security 8Jule201194 Simulate a Network of Vulnerable Hosts
Security 19June2011A10--Insecure Configuration Management
Security 20January2011A2--Broken Access Control
Security 1June2011A7--Improper Error Handling
Security 3April2011ACCESSDATA'S FTK
Security 21February2011ACTIVE ATTACKS
Security 3April2011Advanced Firewall Troubleshooting
Security 23June2011AIROPEEK
Security 18Mart2011Applications Using IP
Security 25May2011Asymmetric Keys
Security 7February2011Attack Simulation Techniques and Tools—Known Exploits
Security 28February2011Automatically Firewall Attackers with SnortSam
Security 24Mart2011Basic Syntax and Rules
Security 16February2011Binary Packages
Security 5February2011Biometrics
Security 1Jule2011Breaking Ciphers
Security 11February2011Certificate Authorities
Security 27January2011Certificate Revocation
Security 26February2011Choosing Between the PIX and the ASA
Security 20June2011Cisco PIX Firewall and ASA Models
Security 1May2011CLAMAV
Security 25January2011Code Audit
Security 8April2011Collect Statistics with Firewall Rules
Security 19Jule2011Commercial Tools
Security 26January2011Common PKI Problems
Security 22Mart2011Compiling and Installing Samba
Security 9January2011Compiling from Source
Security 11April2011Computer Security: Then and Now
Security 18Jule2011CONCLUSIONS
Security 13February2011CONCLUSIONS
Security 15June2011CONCLUSIONS
Security 10February2011Create an Authenticated Gateway
Security 18June2011Create Your Own Certificate Authority
Security 3Jule2011Cryptographic Export Restrictions
Security 8April2011Day-to-Day Administration
Security 6Mart2011Detect ARP Spoofing
Security 22May2011Detect Ethernet Sniffers Remotely
Security 14April2011Distribute Your CA to Clients
Security 25Mart2011Edge-Level Protection
Security 25May2011Encrypt Your Email with Thunderbird
Security 23April2011Encrypt Your Temp Folder
Security 22April2011Endnotes
Security 4April2011Establishing and Maintaining a Security Policy
Security 6April2011Evade Traffic Analysis
Security 7Mart2011Firewall Security Policies
Security 13Jule2011Firewall Security Policies
Security 15April2011Firewall Technologies
Security 22January2011Going Beyond Basic Firewall Features
Security 3February2011Government Cryptographic Programs
Security 6Jule2011Graph Trends
Security 15January2011How Authentication Systems Use Digital Certificates
Security 26April2011How Broadband Routers and Firewalls Work
Security 6Mart2011How Do VPNs Work Their Magic?
Security 5April2011How IPsec Works
Security 26April2011How NetFilter Works
Security 26Mart2011If You Lose Your Key or Passphrase, Revoke Your Keys as Soon as Possible
Security 11April2011IMPLEMENTATIONS
Security 25January2011IPEYE
Security 16June2011JAVA PROGRAMS
Security 6Jule2011Keep an Inventory of Your Network